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Firstly, thanks for stopping by and taking a look through my website, dedicated to modern handstamped whimsical jewellery. If you’re anything like me, I am guessing you have a love for things of the universe; maybe you're into spiritual guidance, the angels or believe in magic? Or maybe you have connected in some way with the hand-crafted jewellery that I design?

I believe each piece of jewellery you choose to wear is a way to connect to your life journey and remind you of the path you are on. A piece of inspiration to keep you going even when times are tough. The significance of each piece will become the reminder to focus on the positives, to trust in yourself, your intuition and the path you are taking. Use it as an opportunity to manifest your dreams and desires.

Each piece of jewellery is infused with magic that will connect you to the universe and the journey you are on.


I’m a wife and mumma of two beautiful boys and I’ve been in the jewellery making business since 2007. I have always loved creating beautiful things and with that, I decided to launch my own jewellery line.


Simply – ‘Stella’ means ‘stars’ and my star sign is represented by the moon. Thus, Stella Moon was created!

Having always loved and felt connected to all things magic, the universe, astrology, tarot, free spirits and spiritual journeys, I wanted to create jewellery that can be worn to connect you to the spiritual journey within every person.

I only use high-quality metals, strong sturdy chains and every single piece I create is a testament of my love for you to treasure forever.